Can we prove that the Mafia is bad for the environment?



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    Although not many can deny that the mafia is “bad” for society, there is nothing to prove that the criminal organizations are any more harmful to the environment than any other group of people. Though, there is one instance where the mafia made headlines for disrespecting the environment: “Mafia dumps 5,000 litres of raw cesspool sewage into Blue Grotto’s crystal waters, the famous tourist attraction on the island of Capri”.

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    Not really. I guess you can make an argument that the yakuza are responsible for virtually every riverbed in Japan being covered in cement (they owned both the prime minister and the construction companies during his term), but other than that I can’t think of any specific examples. It’s not a directly correlated interest group.

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         In the Italian region of Campania, mafia control of the waste disposal industry has created environmental problems. The local mafia organization, Camorra, wins bidding contracts from companies in Northern Italy and then disposes of their waste illegally in dumps and rivers. Camorra-run companies have been known to mix toxic waste with other materials and sell it as fertilizer. Illegal dumping of toxic waste has been blamed for higher than normal cancer rates in the area.  

         The Camorra was the subject of the 2008 film Gomorra.

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