Can we protect the environment from destruction?



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    Yes, but it actually isn’t uncommon for people to be unaware of what they can do to preserve nature and save the planet. There are many changes which need to be made from the top down such as allowing eco-friendly products to enter the market place so that we as consumers can choose the most environmentally friendly option. However, if there isn’t an entirely green way to accomplish a task it comes down to conserving energy. Turning off the lights in rooms you aren’t in, using heat only when necessary, driving a gas powered car only when you must, and only throwing away things which cannot be recycled or composted are just some of the ways we can save the environment. Conserving seems small, but it actually makes a tremendous difference. Another important step is to shop consciously and know what products contain, how they are made, and where they come from. Some predict there will be no rainforest left in a couple decades, so it is crucial to support rainforest conservation efforts while choosing not to buy any product made from rainforest materials (this includes medicine). It is possible to reduce your environmental footprint nearly to zero which means conservation is absolutely possible. Currently, America contains 5% of the worlds population and uses 25% of the world’s energy meaning conserving will make a huge impact without having to completely change our lives. However, something must be done immediately because the amount of damage done to the earth everyday is astounding. 

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