Can we make jet fuel from coal?



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    It is not possible at the present time, though the United States Air Force has expressed interest in creating the coal to jet fuel program. Many research institutes and universities are working on developing jet fuel from coal due to the high demand to find a more sustainable means of producing jet fuel. It must be noted that creating coal from jet fuel is more efficient that current methods, it is not environmentally sustainable as coal is still a non-renewable resource and CO2 will still be emitted by jet fuel made from coal.

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    People have been trying to convert coal into liquid fuel since at least Hitler. When the Allies starved Germany of petroleum resources in WWII, he began looking into making a coal-based diesel to power his war efforts. So it’s no surprise we’re still looking at it. 

    But, hopefully a more likely solution is to use biofuels, like biodiesel or ethanol to power jets. They’ve already test-piloted at least one jet on biodiesel. And Virgin Atlantic owner Richard Branson said the company was looking to use biofuels to power its planes as early as 2006.

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