Can we make ink out of soy?



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    Yes, ink can be made out of soybeans.  It is much more environmentally friendly than traditional petroleum inks and it is easier to recycle paper that has soy ink on it tha other kinds of inks.  There are some drawbacks, howerver.  First of all, it takes more time to dry than other inks which is somewhat inconvenient.  It also cannot be used in ballpoint pens or in personal printers.  Lastly, the increased use of soybeans in general serves as an environmental threat (kind of a catch 22 since the ink itself is better for the environment) as 92% of US soybeans are grown using genetically modified techniques.

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    Yup, in fact, many people have already started making soy ink. Using soy-based ink is very eco-friendly because there aren’t as many chemicals in the ink. Soy ink is sometimes mixed with petroleum, so its not perfect, but still does cut back on the amount of petroleum used ultimately. People have even started using soy ink in their printers.

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