Can we make energy from human pee?



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    Yes. Technology is in development that could generate hydrogen power from human or animal urine relatively easily. Urea, found in urine, contains four molecules of hydrogen per atom, and nickel charged with electricity will release the gas, which can then be burnt or stored in a fuel cell. As for the near future, the process will probably more efficient on the large scale, so for now it will probably use collected urine from farm animals like cows. But someday, we may be able to generate hydrogen power from our own bodies!

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    We can also save energy with human urine…sort of.  Urine is non toxic and sterile, and thus, urinating in the shower is safe, and also saves a great deal of water when you don’t use a toilet. It’s not the most talked about way to conserve water, but it is very effective and not uncommon. Especially if you have an older toilet in your residence, saving one flush a day adds up, and ends up saving quite a bit of water over the course of a year.

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