Can we make diamonds instead of mining for them?



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    Yes, diamonds can be produced synthetically through two processes, high pressure high temperature or chemical vapor deposition. Most synthetic diamonds are colored, usually a yellow tint.

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    In fact, 88% of the industrial diamonds in the world are synthetic – only 12% are natural. The leading producer of synthetic diamonds is China, with over 4 billion carats in 2009. China is also the primary import source for diamond grit and powder into the US.

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    Yes, and the latest man-made diamonds are even difficult for jewelers to distinguish from natural diamonds. Man-made diamonds are available in shades of pink, blue, orange, and yellow. One downside of man-made diamonds is that it can be difficult to find one that weighs one karat or more. In order to protect the market for natural diamonds, De Beers has developed machines to distinguish man-made diamonds from natural diamonds.

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