Can we make biofuel from old food waste?



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    Biofuels are really any organic matter that can be burned, whether its plant oil, feces (which produce methane), naturally occuring alchohols, or dry wood even. Old food waste is unlikely to make a good biofuel, it seems it needs to be treated in a specific way (say, fermentation). If you’re talking about pure food garbage, then it is unlikely (food garbage is usually wet, or at least all of mine is). However, it may be possible to engineer recycling initiative for certain food waste products, like old oils.

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    It depends what kind of food waste you’re referring to. As another respondent mentioned, if you’re just talking about any kind of food waste at all, the possibility that it could be used for biofuel is unlikely. However, technology is being developed that can use fryer grease—yes, the kind used to make french fries—as a biofuel. In the process, the oil is strained for solids and stray pieces of food and then pumped through a bioprocessor where it is mixed with other chemicals and churned until a chemical reaction occurs that turns the mixture into biodiesel. The fuel is cleaned once again of impurities, and then is ready for use in a diesel engine. The State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry uses the fuel from another college’s dining hall that is processed in this manner.

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