What movie can we learn about the environment from?



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    An Inconvenient Truth was certainly the tip of the climate change iceberg (as it were) so if you haven’t seen it, it’s worth seeing. Recently, Food Inc. was a great depiction of the industrial food industry and its affects on people, animals, and the environment alike. No Impact Man, which I haven’t seen, but will be coming out soon across the country talks about one man and his decision to create no carbon footprint over the course of a year. It’s supposed to be good as well. Finally, though this one isn’t ostensibly about the environment WALL-E is a bleak depiction of what may happen if our rampant consumerism doesn’t remain in check and the destructive toll it could take on the Earth.

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    11th Hour is a film that has a lot of information. For a more scientific and biological perspective, I really enjoy the Planet Earth and Blue Planet series.

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    There are a lot of movies that we can learn about the environment from, and not all of them are necessarily documentaries. For instance, the movie Medicine Man has Sean Connery fighting bulldozers to save the rain forest and find a natural cure for cancer. And Gorillas in the Mist: The Story of Dian Fossey starring Sigourney Weaver is another example of an environmental movie that isn’t a documentary but we can still take something away from.

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    I absolutely love the movie Fern Gully.  It is both artful and educational.  The plot is centered around the conflict between various forest creatures and an impending tree-cutting machine that will destroy the rainforest.  The forest fairies and creatures team up with a man magically shrunk to their size to defeat “Nexus,” the oil monster who powers the machine.  It’s a great family movie that really depicts the necessity and value of the rainforest.

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