Can we hope to curb global warming by lowering emissions, or must we also develop ways to clean already-emitted CO2 out of the atmosphere?



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    The big issue with CO2 emissions is that we are producing CO2 quicker than they can be used by plants photosynthesizing (check here to see how plants take CO2 and use it to create glucose and oxygen: And, furthermore, we are cutting down the plant population. Reducing emissions, while increasing plant populations (especially trees) is one of the most effective ways to curb global warming, since plants naturally take care of CO2 produced; CO2 doesn’t just hang out in the atmosphere when the balance of CO2 production to CO2 users is correct, it cycles!

    However, there is merit to developing technologies that use CO2, but we don’t want to go crazy with it. The right amount of CO2 is needed in the atmosphere to keep the earth from freezing. But the huge amount of CO2 in the atmosphere right now is troubling, and some technologies are being developed to help balance out CO2 levels. “Carbon capture technology” is currently on the table, and a company called Calera is figuring out ways to use CO2 to create cement.

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