Can we have vertical farms replace traditional agriculture?



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    I do not think that we can have vertical farms replace traditional agriculture completely, but I do think they can be an asset in improving our current agricultural system. They can take the burden off of farms’ need to constantly expand and get bigger, which forces them into non-ideal places. In areas that are not ideal, farming requires more water, fertilizers and pest control. Vertical farming would be good as the only type of farming in regions where traditional farming is not possible, helping arid regions grow their own food. 

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    Good question, Naomi.  It is hard to say exactly, because there hasn’t been enough vertical farms made for us to really know.  While it may be possible, I think only time will tell, and if it happens at all, it wouldn’t be for a long time after vertical farming is extensively practiced, so as to perfect the process and further develop the technology.  Also, since it is practically impossible for many developing countries to be able to afford to build and maintain such facilities, I don’t think vertical farming will ever entirely replace traditional agriculture.

    Hope this helps!

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