Can we have a green valentines day?



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    You can make anything green if you just think up alternatives to the activities you do that aren’t green. When giving cards and presents, make sure the cards are made of recycled tag board and the wrapping paper from recycled paper. Instead of buying flowers, take a walk in a park or garden near by and see some beautiful flowers. Some fun activities that are green are a picnic in the park or a bike ride or walk. Try to use your creativity to give a zero waste present.

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    As another green tip, try forgoing the expensive cut roses and opt for planting a rose bush instead.  Not only will the flowers last longer, but they will add color to your garden.  Try making an intimate dinner for two at home using only locally grown foods or participate with your date in some local community service.  Just experiencing something together will make for a more memorable Valentine’s Day. 

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    Well, the other answers are great. If you a traditional Valentine’s Day but still remain eco-friendly, opt for buying your bouquet of roses from a local flower shop instead of a major national brand. If you are going to buy candles, try looking for soy-based candles instead.

    Oh and the chocolate. I know how tempting Edible Arrangements is, however, you can also buy some local or organic chocolate instead and create something yourself.

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