Can we get mercury poisoning from eating too much fish?



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    Yes, you can get mercury from eating to much fish.  Not all fish is bad but there are many high mercury level fish such as shark, king mackerel, swordfish and tilefish.  Others known to contain lower levels of mercury are tuna, halibut, catfish, oysters, king crabs and many others.  These species are advised not to be eaten in excess. Mercury is put into the water and converted to methylmercury by bacteria.  This is absorbed into the fat cells of fish.  When eaten in large quantities the methylmercury can cause permanent brain and kidney damage especially in developing cells.

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    it depends on the fish and how it is caught. Farmed salmon and tuna have the highest mercury content and are fairly dangerous to eat, pregnant women are advised not to eat tuna. Wild alaskan salmon and foods lower on the food chain such as sardines and herring have a lower concentration of mercury and are much safer to eat.

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