Can we get iron shots if we are not getting enough from our diets?



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    Iron injection is one method to supplement your iron levels when your diet does not yield a daily quota.  There are also iron pills, which I would heavily recommend.  They are purchased over the counter, easy to take, no pain involved, no appointments, no hassles.  My girlfriend and I take them every day.

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    Yes, they do exist, but I think typically treatments for iron deficiency come in the form of iron supplements or changing to an iron-rich diet. Taking iron supplements increases the level of iron in the blood over several months, and it “should be taken on an empty stomach, or with orange juice, to increase absoprtion.” If a change in diet is preferable, then meats like beef, pork, chicken, and fish are good sources of iron. Leafy greens like broccoli and kale are also good choices.

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    Yes, iron shots are very uncommon and are used for patients who can not handle taking pills due to stomach pain and nausea.  Iron injections are given as 5-10 shots over the course of several weeks and cause a permanent brown spot at the injection site.  There is also the risk of serious allergic reactions.  Your best option is to take iron pills after you eat to minimize side effects.

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