can we get fresh water from the arctic?



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    Yes, the Arctic has many freshwater resources, probably most importantly, glaciers which produce the freshwater streams and lakes there.”…a large proportion of the earth’s liquid freshwater resources occur in the Arctic” (Usher et. al 2010).

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    While there are mass amounts of freshwater in the Arctic and Antarctic (nearly 70 percent of all freshwater on earth), to answer the question “can we get freshwater from the arctic,” extracting water from the arctic is not an entirely feasible task. Most of this water is frozen in ice sheets and glaciers, and the costs of harvesting the much smaller amount of water that is available is much less economic than current methods.

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    How would we get the arctic
    water to all points in the United States and Canada? There do not appear to be any mountain ranges sufficient to prevent channels, canals, aquaducs, and waterways?

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