Can we get energy from the heat of the earth?



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    In fact we do get energy from the Earth’s natural heat. There are many geothermal plants around the world which burrow into the earth’s crust until the heat reaches a significant level. Then like most power plants, the heat is used to create steam, spin turbines in generators and create energy. With all of Hawaii’s volcanic activity the island uses 20 percent of its total energy consumption from geothermal plants.

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    Yes. In a purely natural sense, the intense heat source far below the earth’s surface is occasionally released, for example, through volcanoes, and supplies a great deal of dynamic energy to the earth as a method of self-renewal (as well as a catastrophic event now and then). But what I think you’re asking is a bit more practical than volcanoes, which is to say, can the earth’s massive store of heat supply us with energy that we can use to heat buildings and generate electricity? And the answer, again, is yes. Geothermal energy can and is used, often in the form of steam or hot water, to heat buildings and generate electricity. Best of all, because the earth’s core is constantly generating more heat, this is a perfectly renewable energy source as well.

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