Can we filter pharmaceuticals out of drinking water?



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    Pharmaceuticals are found in drinking water in over 24 major US metro areas, as well as in other metro areas worldwide. However, the concentration of these drugs in the water supply is less than minute. Brita filters are unlikely to be able to filter out the drugs because of the incredibly low concentration. Boiling would disinfect the water but may not remove all pharmaceuticals present. Nonetheless, even traces of drugs in drinking water supply are unsettling.

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    Testing authorities have not yet established protocols to evaluate the removal of pharmaceuticals from water. There are several filtering systems that claim to eliminate or reduce the amount of pharmaceuticals in water. One is Pur, which claims that their faucet filters remove 99 percent of hormones, steroids, antibiotics, antidepressants, anti-anxiety medication, and painkillers from the water that passes through its system. Brita also claims that their pitcher filters are able to remove 96.7 percent of trace amounts of pharmaceuticals.

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