Can we ever see a hybrid get 100 MPG?



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    Plug-in hybrid vehicles already exist that can run for more than 100 miles on a gallon of gas.  A plug-in hybrid is basically an electric vehicle that includes a gas tank as a backup – if most of your driving consists of short trips, you may hardly ever have to fill it up with gas.  Of course plug-in cars still contribute to pollution; the electricity they power up on has to come from somewhere, and may be generated at a coal-fired power plant.  However because of the efficiency of these vehicles, and the fact that most regions rely for electricity on a mix of sources of varying pollution potential, studies have shown that plug-in hybrids pollute vastly less overall than gas-powered vehicles.  These cars can be made today, with technology we already have; the problem is convincing vehicle manufacturers to start making them available on a large scale.

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