Can we ever have a national vegetarian day?



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    Having a National Vegetarian Day is a great idea, and with the green movement so strong in the country now is a good time to make it happen. The environmental and health benefits of a vegetarian diet are well documented, and access to delicious meat substitutes has never been better. Of course not all vegetarians depend on meat substitutes. There are countless recipes for nutritious, tasty vegetarian and vegan meals–and many traditional “comfort foods” can be modified to be meat-free. Making it a national holiday would be tough, but promoting it within your community would be a good place to start. Not everyone will want to become a vegetarian, which is okay, but even cutting meat out of one or two meals a week would have a big impact. If people have a chance to try vegetarian meals as part of a special day or campaign they might see how painless the switch can be.

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    October 1st is world vegetarian day, encouraged by the Humane Society of the United States. Many people also give up meat for lent. This isn’t a legally enforced holiday, however, nor should it be.

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    In terms of can we have it, there is no law against it. But I wonder why you would want to? I believe that most minor holidays don’t really raise awareness. It would be better, in my opinion, to offer something along the lines of meatless-mondays for all restaurants, although it probably WOULD be illegal to tell restaurants they couldn’t serve meat one day of the week. Just a thought.

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