Can we eat pigeon?



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    Yes, it is safe and possible to eat pigeon. In different places in the world people eat pigeon regularly and even consider it a delicacy. 

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    Pigeons were actually brought to America by boat because they were hardy and would survive the months at sea. They were brought as a food source. So yes you can eat them still. I think it’s just frowned upon in America because we consider pigeons to be rats with wings. Here are some links about it.

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    Squab, which is a popular dish, is a type of young domesticated pigeon. Squab has dark meat like that of duck with similar nutritional values of protein, vitamins, and minerals. However, you must consider what an animal eats and comes into contact with before you take a bite. Pigeons that live in urban areas are more likely to be exposed to toxic substances like heavy metals and chemical runoff. Contaminants such as lead and mercury, which are present in many trash cans and dumpsters, as well as antifreeze and motor oil, which exist on roads and in puddles around the city, can find their way into the diet of many animals, including pigeons. Lead and mercury, which are very harmful to neurodevelopment, are able to bioaccumulate; this means that they stay in the tissues of whatever creature consumes them (from grass, to goat, to goats meat and milk, to humans and their babies). So I would recommend sticking to domesticated, or nonurban, varieties of pigeon. 🙂

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