Can we do anything to get rid of the oil in our oceans?



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    I believe someone asked this question a few days if I am not mistaken. Perhaps someone answered it already.

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    There are three basic tools that are used to remove oil. There are mechanical tools that skim the surface of the water and get the oil out from there. Chemicals are also used to help disperse the oil in the water, and freshly spilled oil can be burned. There are plenty of sites that are asking for volunteers, but if you don’t have time to spare, you can send in some of your hair to Matters of Trust, an organization that uses hair to absorb oil.

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    They have been using dog fur to capture and remove the oil from the BP spill in the gulf of mexico. They are also using many large boats to suck up the oil and transport them away from the gulf. Many companies are making a lot of money on the cleanup efforts. 

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