Can we cut off the black part of our lungs from when we smoked and be ok?



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    The black part that you are referring to is the tar build up from smoking. Yes, if you make the right changes, the most important one being quit smoking, then your lungs can repair themselves. Cells are constantly regenerating and it is possible to reverse the damage. Below lists some tips to help you get there. 

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    There is a procedure called a lung resection that involves the removal of damaged parts of lungs. However, it is NOT used for just removing parts of lungs affected by smoking, short of cancer. A lung resection is performed when there are growths on the lung, when there is a tumor, when the lung is collapsed, and for certain lung diseases. People who undergo such procedures often have decreased lung capacity and quality of life.

    The tar and particles that collect on lungs due to smoking are widespread throughout the lungs and cannot be removed through a lung resection. Doing so wouldn’t be ethical or needed. But, the moment a person quits smoking, the lungs begin to repair themselves (if the damage isn’t too permanent). They will slowly begin to filter out all the nasty particles that have created black spots in the lungs.

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    the build up of tar and other chemicals that result in a blackening of the lung can be removed through surgery in the form of either a lobectomy (removing part of the lung) or a pnuemectory (removing an entire lung). This can help releive symptoms like breating troubles and remove cancerous cells, but it also reduces the lung capacity of the patient, making breathing far more difficult. So, you can have parts of or even an entire lung removed, however it will greatly affect your quality of life by severly diminishing your ciculitory system. 

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