can we clone plants yet?



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    Cloning plants is actually much easier than cloning animals, because they will grow a full plant from a cutting under the right conditions. To clone a plant, a person will carefully cut a branch off the original plant. It is placed in soil like a normal plant would be, and treated with several naturally-occuring plant hormones that induce shoot and root growth. Within a week, the clone plant should be forming new leaves and roots. Since it has the exact same DNA as the original plant, it is a clone.

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    Excellent question Celewyn, and great answer skpennell! Another method of cloning plants consists of taking the cutting from a plant at a forty-five degree angle, submersing the angled stem into rooting hormone, then placing the coated portion of the stem in rockwool or a similar medium. Hope I helped, and have a green day!

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