Can we change our DNA?



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    The DNA of any organism can be changes or altered through a process known as Genetic Engineering, more precisely, gene splicing. In this practice, fundamental building blocks called genetic pairs can be changed, which can change the genes of the organism. For instance, genetic engineering has allowed scientists to create extremely potent strands of crops. Additionally, there exists considerable debate about the right for people to chose the DNA of their child; whether they want them to have green eyes or blond hair.

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    While we can change our DNA through artificial means such as genetic engineering and selection, we can modify which genes in our DNA is expressed. It has been proven that meditation and deep relaxation can actually switch on beneficial genes such as those that counter stress, inflammation and high blood pressure. On the other hand, when are are stressed these genes are shut off and other genes such as those required for survival and fight of flight are switched on. Our diet, what we think and our lifestyle are crucial determinants to what genes we activate in our day to day lives.

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