Can we bult a dam without changing the Ecology around it ? if we can is there is any of this kind?

our teacher says there is at least one so called “eco-friendly dams” I don’t really know but I think she’s right
it very very IMPORTANT because I”ve to hand it to the teacher on tomorrow please please please please please help !!!!!!!!!!!!



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    We can try, but we can’t be 100% sure we won’t change the ecology at least to some degree. Dams as they are traditionally built tend to inhibit movement for species that travel up and down rivers to migrate or feed. They can also greatly alter the landscape and the natural resources that are a part of it. 

    Attempts have been made at dams that don’t alter the surrounding ecosystem, but there may not be a way to ensure this. Brazil is currently working on a massive dam project that will attempt to be ecologically sustainable. Some of the techniques include “fish ladders” which allow creatures to swim through the dam, as well as low-pressure turbines that will reduce the amount of resulting flooding. Although we can reduce the effects, I wouldn’t say we can ensure no ecological effects.

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    It’s difficult to construct dams with no ecological impact, but as carlymfiske said, steps can be taken to help.  Fish ladders are becoming more common in dams around the world, such as in the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks in Washington.  And dams in Japan are incorporating measures to allow the migration of the Japanese Giant Salamander, a rare amphibian that can grow up to 5 feet long!

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