Can we blame capitalism for climate change?



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    In my opinion, multiple factors are to blame for climate change.  As a developed nation, the US does emit greenhouse gases, and this may coincide with the rise of capitalism, but many other factors are to blame.  These factors may include land use changes, human activities, industry, etc.  The important thing is not who is to blame, but how we can act to preserve our current global environment.

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    I agree with beth1234.  Capitalism and Industrialism are definitely large components of the problem, but it is far more important to work on ways to improve our current condition than to figure out who or what to blame.  It is unquestionable that Capitalism and the harmful practices that go along with it play a large role in global warming, but it isn’t the only offender.  The emissions of greenhouse gases under any economic system, or in any situation is to blame for climate change.  

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