Can we become the greenest nation in the world?



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    Becoming the greenest nation in the world is a lofty but attainable goal. The US has long been known as the land of opportunity where people are free to pursue their goals. This has allowed innovative people to make a difference in the world through their inventions, designs, research, and actions. As the nation becomes more concerned about environmental issues, this same type of entrepreneurial spirit can similarly spark the US into becoming one of the greenest nations in the world, especially as schools and universities now offer programs to educate the next generation of business leaders and decision makers to ideas of sustainability.

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    I assume by “we”, you mean the United States. I would argue that we can’t, although we can certainly do a lot better. The US has an infrastructure designed for fossil fuels. Switching is possible but will take a long time. Other nations, particularly developing nations, don’t have much infrastructure and can start with a green infrastructure. The other problem with the US is its size. The US covers a vast land area and contains 300 million people. It would be much easier and less costly for a smaller nation to become completely sustainable, especially those with less than 1 million people, of which there are many. Just because we can’t be the greenest doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try, though! We have some of the best environmental scientists in the world, and our clean tech companies are paving the way for the whole world to become greener.

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