Can water get naturally purified in streams?



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    Yes. You can purify water in streams, you can use it from the process of boiling, chemical treatment, ultra violet treatment and water filter. There are different types of purification before drinking any types of water source in the wild. When you are careful enough you can prevent yourself from getting giardiasis; a type of disease that is in the parasite cysts. You can also buy water purification systems in ponds and streams. You can place the water pufirication in a pond or stream and have it process through it; on the other side of the pond or stream you can have fresh purified water from using the water purification.

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    I think you’re asking whether or not streams purify water, not whether one can purify water that comes out of a stream. 

    In all honesty, the only reason water from most streams is not “pure” is because of human contamination–chemical from industry, and biological from agriculture and some industrial byproducts. Someone from 200 years would never ask this question. And it is not the stream that “purifies” the water, but rather a complicated atmospheric and geological cycle. Look up “hydrology,” for more info.  

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    yes ,according to recent studies

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