Can water bottles be safely reused?



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    Yes and no. Since there is limited scientific research on the safety of reusing single-use water bottles, two theories have developed:

    1) It is safe to reuse them as long as they are properly cleaned with soap and hot water.

    2) It is not safe to use them due to the bacteria that accumulates on the bottle & the durability of the bottle itself. Heating it can cause harmful chemicals to be absorbed in the contents of the water.

    It is up to you to decide what is right. The safest thing would be to avoid using water bottles all together and invest in a more environmentally-friendly container such as a SIGG bottle or more durable plastic bottle meant for long-term use.

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    Yes, plastic water bottles can be safely re-used.  For best results, remove the plastic ring that remains when the cap is removed, as this may trap bacteria and makes them harder to clean.  You can then sanitize the bottle and cap by soaking them in a solution of bleach (1 tbsp/gal) for at least a minute.  Rinse before use.  Do not machine wash as some plastics will melt under the heat.

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