Can water be kept in water bottles forever?



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    There seems to be a healthy debate on this one online. Some say yes, but it might taste different as minerals settle. Others say light can be a problem while others worry that there are small amounts of bacteria in even filtered water that will grow over time.

    I have seen a water bottle collapse in on itself after a year or two and worry that the plastic would eventually break down into the water. This may be less of an issue now that there is more attention payed to BPAs.

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    BPA is a synthetic hormone that interferes with the body’s natural messaging system. It has also been linked to breast and uterine cancer, decreasing testosterone levels, and the growth of children’s systems. BPA’s leak out of Nalgene water bottles after they have been washed many times and have scratches and cracks in them. The chemicals in plastic number 7 have also been found to be unhealthy. Heath professionals also suggest staying away from plastic #1 and #3. If you need to, use #2, #4, or #5.

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    Stagnant water in any material, whether its plastic or steel or anything in between, can become ‘unhealthy’, at the very least advisable not to drink.  The exception to this is water containers left in the fridge, since the temperature helps to moderate.  

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