Can water be like agar-agar without using the seaweed?



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    Agar-agar (also just called agar) is used:

    • As a thickening agent, and is used in a similar way to animal-based gelatin.
    • When in “research grade”, supplemented by a nutrient and vitamins, to grow bacteria and fungi, and to grow plants in a Petri dish.

    It may even be effective in dieting, since it expands to three times its size and makes one feel full.

    Since agar-agar has a long and successful history in both, and it’s non-toxic, even edible, and cheap, people arent rushing to find substitutes, immediately.

    Pure water does not have a state in at normal temperatures and pressures where it has the jelly (gelatin) state that it does when agar-agar is added. Water is either a solid (ice), a liquid (running water), or a gas (invisible). (Steam is just tiny water droplets, water as a gas, as in the air, cannot be seen.)

    So, no, water isn’t like agar-agar.

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