Can vinegar be used for an eco friendly pesticide?



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    Supposedly, it can be used to kill slugs and snails. However, I have never tried it. For killing slugs, I think that the beer method works best.

    Vinegar is generally a pretty harmless substance. I use it to balance the pH of the water in my fish tank. I live in Yolo county where the water has a pH of about 8, so I put in a little each time I change the water to bring the pH down to 7.

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    Yes, although I have never tried it myself, I hear that vinegar can be a successful pesticide. If you directly spray slugs with it, they will die.  If you mix water, cider vinegar, sugar, and molasses, and place in an old tin can it acts as a trap for fruit flies.  I also read that if you soak corn cobs with vinegar and place them around your garden, it will repel rabbits.

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