Can a vertical farm work anywhere?



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    I think that a vertical farm could work in most places that have access to water and sunlight. Even though the vertical farm might use artificial lighting, the extra sunlight should be able to supplement the growth of crops. Having access to water will be important depending on how the vertical farm’s system is set up. If water can be cycled in a closed loop, the vertical farm wouldn’t put a huge pressure on water supply.

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      Do you think they will ever catch on, in theory they are a great idea hopefully it works that way.

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      I’m not sure because currently they are too expensive to even build a prototype, even if there are designs coming out every day. (Check out

      After the first prototype is built, the cost of building more would go down, but there will still be problems. So unless there is serious commitment and investment, we might not see this idea catch on for decades.

      On a side note, there are several urban farming movements that could make impacts that on the whole could compare to that of vertical farming.

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