Can a vegetarian diet help you lose weight?



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    A vegetarian diet can certainly help lose weight, but simply going vegetarian will not necessarily spur weightloss. While vegetarians do not get fat from meat, they can still overdo other foods that are high in fat, sugar, and sodium. Vegetarians have to be careful to get thier protein from alternative sources. Protein is necessary to promote healthy muscles and maintain energy levels among other things.

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    Being a vegetarian can help you lose weight, but also may be difficult to get your protein intake. You must stay healthy, and that is much more important than losing a quick 20 pounds. This means eating healthy, not just becoming a vegetarian. Also working out is vital to losing weight and staying healthy. 

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      Vegetarians who care about being healthy have no problem finding protein, which is prominent in a lot of vegetarian foods, from milk and cheese, to tofu and beans, to grains like quinoa.

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    A vegetarian diet will help you lose weight if you tend to consume high fat foods such as red meat.  A vegetarian diet may also lead to a higher consumption of fiber, which will reduce the total amount of food consumed and thus your caloric intake, as well as improving your digestive health.  Not consuming red meat or animal fats will also convey many other health benefits and reduce the risk of diseases such as heart disease and stroke.

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    Being a vegetarian will significantly reduce or eliminate one’s intake of cholesterol, a component of many diets that can have very adverse effects on the body.  The type of cholesterol that the body produces naturally is called HDL.  The so-called “bad” cholesterol we get from eating red meat and other foods is called LDL.  So from a cholesterol standpoint, a vegetarian diet can greatly reduce the chance of an arterial blockage, heart attack, or heart disease.  

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    Yes, it definitely can. Part of this is because meat is often a nutritionally redundant part of a meal. For example, let’s say I’m eating a burrito with rice, beans, and chicken. The chicken adds protein and fat–but the rice, beans, and tortilla were already providing me with protein and fat–as well as carbohydrates and fiber. By removing the from a recipe, you often still have a  balanced meal, or can easily have it by adding more vegetables, which are much lower in calories than meat. Of course, if you are eating unhealthily, or exceeding your caloric output, being vegetarian won’t help too much.

    NOTE: Meat does provide important nutrients like iron and vitamin B12, but iron and B12 can both found in non-meat sources. Vegans, however, need to take a B12 supplement or eat/drink foods that have been enriched with B12.

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    A vegetarian diet can help you lose weight, but like any diet if you do not follow it properly results will not occur. Another important part of a vegetarian diet is making sure you get your protein intake. Without protein you feel weak, your bones will not be as strong and you will not feel good both physically and mentally. Tofu, eggs, fruits and many other items can supply you with the protein you need to have an enjoyable vegetarian diet.

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