Can vegetable oil be used as a source of fuel?



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    Yes, it can be used as deisel fuel.  However, it will damage your engine eventually if you do not have it converted to a two-tank system.  Vegetable oil can be mixed with deisel fuel or kerosene to reduce the damage, or it can be mixed with organic solvent.

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    It is possible for vegetable oil to be used as fuel in diesel engines. Most newer diesel engines can be converted to run on straight vegetable oil using a vegetable oil fuel conversion kit. It is necessary to switch back to diesel or biodiesel before the engine stops (approximately ten minutes before the engine is stopped, except in warm weather, when the car can be started or stopped using only vegetable oil). This website has more indepth instructions for how to convert a diesel engine to use vegetable oil.

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    Yes, but your engine has to be modified by replacing your injectors and glow plugs with ones optimised for vegetable oil, including other changes yo your diesel engine.

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