Can using antibacterial products actually cause people to have more infections and get sick more?



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    Yes! My friend Josh Sweeney did an informative speech on this. His research found that antibacterial products can strengthen germs. This is because the antibacterial products must sit on the hands for at least two minutes to take effect. Otherwise the germs will become acclimated to the germs without being killed by them. Also, antibacterial products are often harsher on the hands and can lead to open sores which is another way to spread infections.

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    Overuse of antibacterial products can lead to the evolution of “superbugs” because it promotes selective breeding of resistant strains of bacteria by killing off all the other bacteria and leaving resistant strains behind to reproduce. This is why you should avoid buying anti-bacterial products and always finish any antibiotics (a class of medication used to treat bacterial infections) prescribed to you. Regular soap has been shown to be just as effective at killing germs. The same problem exists with antibiotic use, which is why, every few years, we find that old antibiotics no longer work to treat common bacterial infections. One example is MRSA, a strain of Staph, a very common bacteria that is present on all of us, that no longer responds to methicillin because it has evolved resistance. In fact, there have been some fatalities associated with MRSA, whereas previously, a staph infection was not such a big deal.

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