Can used paper towels be recycled?



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    You can’t recycle the vast majority of paper towels. The reasoning is that they are often made with much recycled material that can’t be re-recycled. There are organizations, however, that work to keep paper towels out of landfills by converting it into mulch. n Canada, a group called “Partners for a Green Hill” has started a program to compost paper towel waste from washrooms in government buildings around their parliament. Paper towels go into a special bin for recycling and eventually protect the landfills from erosion and help create rich soil.

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    Generally, used paper towels and napkins can’t be recycled because they have “high recycled fiber content and as fibers get shorter and shorter, the uses are more and more limited.” However, instead of throwing them away and sending them off to landfills, you can turn them into mulch for richer garden and lawn soil. To create mulch from these old paper towels, you must save them in a separate bag or container and shread them. More details in the link below.

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