Can used Kleenex be put in the paper recycling bin?



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    No, you cannot recycle Kleenex. Tissue, paper towel and napkins are all considered personal hygiene or clean-up products. Due to potential contamination, these products are not acceptable as recyclables. Please check up on recycling guidelines to make sure you’re being the most efficient with your recycling practices. Thanks!

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    Nope. The Kleenex Boxes however are recyclable. So make sure to send those in! Not only are the Kleenex contaminated with biological tissue from noses but they are also likely contaminated with large amounts of bacteria or viruses. To make things even more complicated they are made out of high quality wood pulp. By making tissue as soft as it is, by its very nature, it cannot be reused for something else. It is somewhat biodegradable though. It does not break down as quickly as toilet paper so make sure to send it to the landfill and don’t flush it.

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