Can used cooking oil be used in an oil lamp?



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    If you already have a lamp, follow the instructions. Remember that you’re dealing with FIRE here. Fire where an exploding lamp, or one that’s tipped over could burn down your home. (It happens!)

    The general answer to your question depends on the oil and the lamp, but generally: yes.

    You would NOT want to burn used cooking oil, because it might contain water and other contaminants that would cause the oil to sputter and spit.

    But looking way back through history, you’ll see people burned pretty much anything oily in oil lamps. A lot of it stank, or smoked. Or sputtered and spat. The best oil for an oil lamp avoids all that.

    And if you want to see something truly disgusting, watch the second episode of “The Colony” (“After the Fall”), and see where they get the fuel for a diesel motor. Diesels, like oil lamps, will take all kinds of fuels. (UNLIKE GAS CARS.)

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    Like mentioned above, you can us cooking oil for lamps, particularly vegetable oil. One of the websites below insist that you can use a used oil mixture for some homemade lamps, and that you may actually save money that way. However, for pre-made oil lamps, you are probably better off using unused vegetable oil, as spitting oil can cause serious burns to the skin and even little fires of their own. If you must use some used cooking oil, be sure to mix it with a parrafin-based fuel as the latter site suggests to reduce the “spit-back,” although I cannot verify if this method holds true. 

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