Can the US do anything to make their currency green?



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    Sure, digitize it!  If we no longer carried around paper money and heavy coin, the environment could be helped out because we would no longer need to transport cash, metal (gold, nickle, zinc, copper) and other forms of money from one place to another. Instead a digital transmission, weighing 1 billionth or less (just a couple million electrons or more) than cold hard cash, will be sent through wires (in the future) whenever something will be bought or sold (wages paid and received). Consequently, crime could be controlled more easily and it could be cut down if not eliminated. The only problem with this idea is that if all the power went out for an extended period of time, no one would have any idea who’s rich and who’s not! (and way too many people have seen Oceans 11 and know what an EMP is, and have criminal minds—plus all the hackers out there!). And since, sadly, this is a culture built upon the idea that it’s completely ok for there to be “haves” and “have-nots” I don’t see this happening in the near distant future. Much needs to be done first in the way of educating people about our potential, and the types of lessons the true geniuses of our recent (and not so recent) past — MLK, Ghandi, Buddha, Christ — need to be spread and understood by all of humanity before we can make such a benevolent and trusting change. But, trust me, it will be for the better. I can’t wait til Big Brother keeps track of all my money, my employment history, my medical history, my voting and tax files, and all other types of important information for me! Save it to a file that’s linked to my SSN and let the (fair, just, democratically elected) system take care of the rest! Productivity will then be maximized, and inefficiency and waste cut down to a minimum! Yeah, go Future, go Technology!

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