Can urban dwellers have chickens for eggs?



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    It depends on the cities laws.  Some cities technically allow it, but the space required to keep a chicken or multiple chickens makes it almost impossible.  The following website includes chicken laws in most major urban cities.

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    Chickens are usually allowed, whereas roosters are not. Chickens may actually be kept in quite a small area. Usually, an area about 6 x10 or so should be enough for 4 hens, including their enclosure. Four hens are more than enough to supply the eggs for two adults for a year. Of course the size of the pen is a matter of preference and hens will certainly thrive if they are given a large, “run” area to forage for insects. However, chicken keeping is very practical and it offers manure for compost as well. If you are looking for small urban livestock you should also consider meat rabbits. Rabbits are quier, they do not smell, and their droppings may be directly applied as fertilizer. Plus, they eat all manner of vegetation.

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