Can the United States produce enough coal to fuel all of the power plants?



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    The US has a massive amount of coal within its borders, and will be able to use coal at current rates for the next 250 years without running out.  If you’re speaking of all power plants worldwide, that would be possible as well, but not for nearly as long. 

    As of 2010, world coal consumption is at an all-time high of over 7.5 billion tons a year and climbing.  The US coal reserves are at 275 billion tons, and the US consumes just shy of a billion tons of coal every year in the past several years. 

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    Depends on what you mean fuel all the power plants. Assuming you mean replace all the power plants with coal plants, then yes as the previous answered stated, there are enough coal reserves to power the country for a substantial amount of time. Some more facts: 315,000 megawatts of electricity produced by coal plants equal to about 37% of total installed capacity. 

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