Can the United States ever have a car free day?



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    I think the main reason the World Carfree Day goes unnoticed in the US is because it is not promoted. Even I used my car yesterday because I forgot that September 22 is World Carfree Day. I think if it were promoted and encouraged in schools and communities, a US Carfree Day would see some success. California has Spare the Air days which historically encouraged commuters to use public transportation by reducing fares. Even without reduced fares, Spare the Air days are successful in encouraging carfree forms of transportation or carpooling.

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    A huge obstacle toward a greener earth exists in suburbs. Since so little public transportation exists, people need their cars. Many people would not be able to get to work or their necessary destinations on September 22. If suburbs would be able to increase transportation, the earth would most likely benefit.

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    Even though there is an establish “Car Free Day,” I do not think that one day out of the year will make a big dent in America’s emission control or environmental issues. I believe that public transportation will become much more stream-lined in the future, employing more high speed trains rather than street based vehicles. For intercity travel, I believe that a system of monorails will be established, and high speed trains will take us between cities. I still believe cars will still be prevalent, but will be more of a luxury or work-related expenditure more than anything.  

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