Can two birds be hatched from the same egg?



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    Yes, two birds may be hatched from one egg, but it isn’t very common. This phenomenon typically happens in bird species that lay large-sized eggs or in the beginning of egg production when the young organs are not yet fully in sync. Competition for nutrients may result in only one of the embryos surviving, but the possibility that they both die is also there. Interestingly, some chickens have a genetic predisposition to laying eggs with two embryos.

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    chelseyzellita provided a really good explanation. I would like to add that I have seen several two-yolked eggs and even an egg without a yolk during the first few months when my chickens started laying eggs. The eggs with two yolks were always much bigger and the eggs without a yolk was tiny. However, I have not found any abnormal eggs for a while. So, it is definitely possible to hatch two birds from one egg… if the eggs were fertilized.

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