Can twitter based weather and earthquake detection be useful?



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    For weather there could definitely be potential for a type of warning system. Earthquakes happen without warning so using twitter couldn’t help with warnings, but if people are trapped with a cellphone then they could potentially use twitter to produce their location of if needed to location where people would need help. With bad weather, people in the storm could twitter how strong it is and the conditions right on the ground, which could be great for tornado and hurricane warnings.

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    I guess, but it would not tell us anything that satellite technology (such as Doppler radar) couldn’t tell us more accurately and efficiently. If anything, you would probably see nonsensical twitter posts by random people like “OMG!!! Its raining super hard an theres lightning ahhhhhhhhh” or something like that, not very informative huh?

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    The National Weather Service is beginning to set up their twitter system, while the United States Geological Survey (USGS) has its own twitter account and been giving updates about the earthquake in Haiti.

    I think that Twitter, like all media, can be useful when used properly. Receiving weather reports right to your phone is convenient, and may prove vital should a storm warning be announced. It would not be some friend tweeting, it is an official organization making proper comments.




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