Can TV programs teach kids about the environment?



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    I think it depends on the child’s age and readiness to learn about some of the complex issues plaguing the environment.  There have been shows that have tried to teach children in a playful and fun way, an example was Captain Planet, which was created by billionaire Ted Turner in the 1990’s.  The show was a big hit, running for six long successful years.  Reruns of the show can still be found on TV.  Other shows targeted at children are, National Geographic’s Strange Days on Planet Earth and Gorilla in the Greenhouse.

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    It depends on the child, and probably on how the program is presented to them in the first place.  Having supportive parents or teachers who can say that the show is awesome may help children think it’s awesome too.  The Huffington Post created a list of 8 environmental TV shows, including Captain Planet, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and the Magic School Bus – I watched all of those shows when I was growing up and I think they had an impact.

    Movies can have an impact too.  The movie Fern Gully affected me a lot when I was a kid; the plot may be kind of simplistic, but it does get across the point that deforestation is Bad.

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