can wind turbines change the way they point with wind direction?



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    Wind turbines change facing with wind direction. The older wind turbines were on a well greased joint that would rotate using a wind tunnel. If the wind changed direction, then the air would turn the turbine to face the direction of wind. Today, the modern wind turbines have sensors that automatically turn the turbine for the greatest efficiency.

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    I like the above answer and I agree. I wonder if there is even a possibility that in the future a windmill might be able to raise or lower the height above the ground of the fan blades. If it makes sense that they adapt to meet the changing direction of wind currents, I wonder if it wouldn’t also be feasible for them to track and adjust to the height of where the wind is blowing hardest (this would require more energy to go up, but if your captured more energy at a higher point, it could yeild a net gain —- also, how come you don’t see windmills that are stacked on the same pole? I always see one windmill for every tower, why not make one huge tower and stick 5 fanblades on it, wouldn’t that be a space saver and allow you to get multiple fans going? Or would it just catch too much wind and fall down?

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