can a tree die if it gets too much water?



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    Yes, over-watering a tree can kill it.  The extra water may promote root rot in the plant.  A tree needs a good supply of oxygen to live and breathe.  If there is a constant flow of water and the tree does not have a chance to dry out, it will lack oxygen because the soil will not have enough air. 

    There are water molds that flourish in wet soil.  They will be killed if the tree gets to dry out properly.  The rotting of the roots usually sets in after a few days of insufficient air supply.

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    Trees can drown if you water them too much. It can be just as harmful as the tree recieving no water. This happens more often than not, especially if you have a watering system set up and you do not regularly check the soil.

    The tree roots need oxygen in order to extract nutrients from the soil. If the soil is constantly soaked it cannot retain oxygen. Starting from the bottom, the roots will begin to die and so will the tree. Symptoms include, unexpected yellowing of leaves, wilting of young shoots, and brittle green leaves.

    Watering trees once a week should be enough, closely monitoring soil conditions. Moist is ok, but it should never be soggy and squishy for any length of time. One more tip is to not water a tree if the soil is already wet.

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