Can the toxic gases from the earth break the atmosphere shield and polutes the universum?

I wonder how polution from the earth with all this toxic gases affect entire universum. Does it affect also our solar system, or just returns to the earth like a bumerang. I look a lot on internet but answers didn’t find!:(



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    Due to the size of the universe – and even the solar system – toxic gases from Earth wouldn’t be able to pollute the entire thing.  This is a helpful graphic to compare the size of the Earth to other,  relatively nearby celestial bodies; the Earth is very small compared to those, not to mention the vast distances between all of these stars.  As a result, while we may have toxic levels of certain gases on the planet, once they actually got out to the rest of the universe they would be sufficiently diffused so as to not be dangerous.

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    More important, they really cannot leave. Gases stay with earth because of its gravitational attraction. The only slight exception is hydrogen, the lightest gas.

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