Can tissue paper be recycled?



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    Yes.  Tissue paper is made out of paper pulp, just like any other kind of paper, so there’s no reason it can’t be recycled.

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    It is recyclable, but you would need to find out if your local recycling center accepts it.  Some do; some don’t.  In my family, even as a kids, everyone had to be really careful about how they opened their presents.  The idea is that we would do as little damage as possible to the tissue and wrapping paper so that we could use it again next year.  Reusing tissue paper is even better for the environment than recycling it due to the energy used in the recycling process.  (I don’t think that’s why my family did it though; my parents just didn’t want to have to spend more money on tissue and wrapping paper.  Every Christmas unwrapping presents was like Dejavu because we used the same paper for a decade.)

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    Tissue paper is definitely recyclable. 

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    That depends on whether you are talking about the kind of tissue paper that people use for packing in presents or whether you are talking about the kind you use to blow your nose. The kind that you use to blow your nose is better composted if you have used it. Most paper recycling plants don’t accept dirty paper that has been smeared with food or other gunk. For starters, I recommend reading this webage and then checking with your local waste removal company to see if their services differ at all.

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    It is probly recyclable but only if it is the recycleing kind.

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