Can tires be used as a retaining wall along a lake edge without leaching toxins?Type your question here…



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    This is debatable and if you do your research online for this answer you will find may differing ideas.

    Some believe that because the minute amounts of heavy metals found in rubber tyres are tightly bound within the rubber compound they will not leach into the surrounding soil or water. They also believe it is actually a better alternative to treated lumber which leaches copper and arsenic. And one of the major ingredients in rubber is zinc which is great for any plants growing in the immediate area. 

    However, it is also thought that the rubber will release harmful carcinogenics into the soil as the tyres age because they will begin to biodegrade and breakdown. However, some people believe that as long as they are not being used as retainers in vegetable gardens or something that directly effects food or water sources then tyres are safe retainers. This wouldn’t be the case if you were using them on a lake. 

    I guess the best idea is to do as much research as you can to find out all the thoughts on using tyres and then make an informed decision.

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